Saturday, November 22, 2008

Awadeshalo Project

Awadeshalo Project is an up and coming organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of Ethiopian street children through love, compassion and education. The project’s founder, Jenny Gerfen, spent six months in Ethiopia in 2007 and realized that more needed to be done for the estimated 600,000 children living on the streets (approximately the population of 8 Bellingham’s).

Awadeshalo Project believes that anybody can and should make a difference in the lives of the world’s children. Globalization has made people closer as numbers and buyers in a system, and now we need to make the effort to become closer as humans, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers, friends. What happens to one happens to all. While collaborating to bring community together in Bellingham, we can change lives half way around the world in Ethiopia.

So, in this spirit Awadeshalo Project and INNATE have hand crafted this night of pub crawling and Sweet Beats musical magic to raise awareness for a heartbreaking issue while manifesting your boundless power of love in the face of injustice.

Land your Pub Crawling at INNATE for bucket loads of delectable grooves from Bellingham's own Sweet Beats in the spirit of togetherness and compassion.

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