Saturday, November 1, 2008

ON THE FLY by Derek Yost

On November 7th IN8 Snow and Skate will host an evening of art, music, and Pacific Northwest culture. Derek Yost is a Portland artist that you may or may not be familiar with, but his methods and art will feel familiar to many. He is an artist based in reality and spirituality, He is an artist that is in a constant state of creative motion, He is an artist that is definitely worth checking out. The 7th will also have Seattle’s own Tulsi. Tulsi is a an artist that has been making music for many years, his style reflects his surroundings. Living in The Northwest has a certain way of effecting moods, and when you are making music that mood has a large impact on your overall sound. I would describe Tulsi’s music as Soulful yet somber, fun yet serious, and easy listening yet deep. So come out, check out Derek, check out Tulsi, and come support one of the only all ages, live music venues in town IN8 Snow and Skate.
-Austin Santiago, BuildStrong Clothing (big ups)

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