Friday, January 30, 2009

Big Screens

Well, 3 guys and 'the' gal are down in Vegas at the Sports Industries of America Tradeshow representing who we are what we do up in the upper left. Yale, Chach, and myself are holding down the fort in Bellinghm. But if you know us, you KNOW boredom ain't in our vocabulary.

Today was full of danger, heights, and alcohol. Because everyone knows that bigger is ALWAYS better, we at INNATE are pursuing the biggest screen printed graphics we can manage, but our current lightbox isn't cutting it. After searching for different types of exposure units in the industry, we realized that all we needed was and has been conveniently located 20 feet above our heads the whole time. The shop came with 1200 watts of pure metal-halide power, so we climbed up to the ceiling to see what we could do. After taping (yes, taping) two construction ladders together, shutting down the power to the whole shop, and snipping and taping wires in the dark, we had found our light source. You ever seen a 400 watt metal halide bulb? It's a robot's ostrich egg. After attaching the light unit to the gallery ceiling and a few light tests later, we're printing BIG baby. Dylan, we only spent a few hundred dollars on the Visa today- don't sweat it.
That's all for now- peace y'all.

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  1. haha that was an adventure and a half to watch. i have pictures on my phone from it haha