Sunday, February 1, 2009


Capturing a community and carrying a culture.

We left Bellingham, headed north on I-5 for Vancouver. Five imaginative individuals--four mismatched males and a fashionable female. En route searching for ideas, individuals, and inspiration. It didn’t take long for our journey to be put on hold; it was a standstill at the border. The whole situation was uncomfortable, from the buzzing of the malfunctioning alarm and the lights flickering, to the authorities on a power trip. The search for something was quickly reversed and we were nearly undressed. Some tears and anger were shed as we were bird-dogged and controlled, it was as though we were guilty until proven innocent. They turned two of us away, Ms. C and an old friend Tripp headed back to B-ham on foot.

Just because somebody has a slip in past
shouldn’t mean you can’t give ‘em a step towards another chance.

We were all bothered by the situation, but rather than all head back home we found good reason for the three who were 'free' to go ahead and cross. To continue on this journey was important, especially in relation to the ideas and inspiration we were in search for. After crossing, it didn’t take long for the magic to appear. The bald eagles and a breath of fresh air allowed the three of us to reconnect and communicate. The creative thoughts began to blossom. We were no longer being controlled. We were free as the bird.

Cascadia and the Canadian-Counterparts: A diverse and distinct culture.

Considering this was our first trade show, it was an enlightening experience. The sense of trends was tremendous. We had no obligations or appointments. We were there on our own time. Yale, Corey, and I were able to connect, communicate, and collaborate with only those who we desired. And every incident and encounter was just as important as the next in relation to our experience.

State-of-the-Art boxers, bamboo socks, and a brain bucket.
Ideas, inspiration, and connections.

After the trade show, we ventured on through the streets of Vancouver—a mission to strategically place some ‘modern’ art. We scavenged some old phone receivers out of our parking garage as objects. As we were leaving the parking garage, security personnel stopped us. He asked if we we’re with the film crew. He knew we were doing something out of the ‘norm’. It didn’t take much to convince him that we were the movie.

Encounters within the Environment.
Engaging in the Elements.
Floating like a Feather.
Finding a true Stride.
Following Intuition.

The alley of murals contained a multitude of messages.

After meandering through some graffiti gifted back-streets, we found ourselves standing at the gates of v-city’s church of scientology. A chain-link fence separated us from this guy. He spoke highly of his beliefs and stood with confidence. We weren’t there to be misled or converted, rather just another experience. We stood our common ground on searching and seeking for a deeper meaning. We both agreed that each and every person has more Innate ability that they believe or than they are able and allowed to Believe.

The Innate Dynamics.
Knowledge is Power.
Communication is Key.

The evening ended with some conversation over some burgers and beers. It was clear at that point what needed to happen. The development of the Legendary Banked Slalom graphic was well under way. After a few days of dedicated design, the gurus came to a conclusion on a final product.

Luck: when proper preparation meets an unknown opportunity.
An innate ability to see, dream, and believe.
Vancouver first, vegas to follow...

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